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Composed Salad

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From snout to tail, from root to shoot, from toes to nose, Revival Bar + Kitchen is going whole-hog on local, sustainable, farm-to-table cuisine.Why whole-hog? Why not just cherry-pick ingredients labeled “organic” or “hormone-free” and call it a day? Because at Revival, we recognize that those labels don’t tell the whole story, and we like stories. So we cultivate relationships with producers – farmers, ranchers, coffee-roasters and winemakers – who are passionate about their products and have a good sense of how they fit in the community. We’re excited to be part of Downtown Berkeley’s comeback, and we’re bringing the best of what we love – the revelation in a bite of house-cured bacon, the piquancy of a pickled piquillo pepper – to get that revival revved up.  By complementing our menu with biodynamic wines from innovative local vintners and a seasonal selection of cocktails (traditional, original, and traditional-with-a-twist), we’re all about showing just how exciting sustainability can be.

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